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Here is a current map which includes already placed markers on Claytor Lake as well as laying out proposed markers from AEP.

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Mr. Peter Huber
Pulaski County Administrator
143 Third Street, NW, Suite 1
Pulaski, VA 24301

December 5, 2012

Re: Claytor Hydroelectric Project P-739

Application for Establishment of Regulatory Markers Request for ApprovalDear Peter:Appalachian Power Company (Appalachian) is submitting the enclosed Application for Establishment of Regulatory Markers on Public Waters of Virginiato Pulaski County for the installation of ten (10) green and four (4) red navigation buoys in the Little Wytheville area of Claytor Lake. Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) is the state agency with authority to approve aids to navigation on Claytor Lake. The VDGIF review process requires that the application be submitted through the locality in which the lake is located. Upon review of the application, Pulaski County is to recommend that the request be approved, approved with modifications or disapproved. The next step in the process is for Pulaski County to forward the application package with their recommended action to VDGIF who will send a Conservation Police Officer to the site of the markers to ensure they make sense from a waterway perspective. Following this review, the application is then signed by the Director of VDGIF as approved, approved with modifications or disapproved.

Appalachian is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) licensee for the Claytor Hydroelectric Project No. 739. On December 27, 2011, the

Commission issued its Order Issuing New License for the Claytor Project. Article 413 (Aids to Navigation) of the license requires Appalachian to implement its Aids to Navigation Management Plan which was filed with the Commission on June 29, 2009 as part of its Application for New License and approved by the December 27, 2011 Order Issuing New License. The Aids to Navigation Management Plan was developed during relicensing with input from state agencies and local stakeholders.

The purpose of the Aids to Navigation Management Plan is to develop and implement a plan to provide boaters on Claytor Lake a reasonable marking of marine features. Appalachian is proposing to install and maintain navigation buoys to mark the defined waterway. The defined waterway has been identified as the 1838’contour (or where there is 6 feet of water at the lower operating level of 1844 feet.) The buoys will be consistent with US Coast Guard regulations and include solar lights to identify the defined waterway at night. Attachment 1 contains an example of the buoys to be used along with information on the manufacturer.

Appalachian is working with a Technical Review Committee made up of representatives from VDGIF, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Pulaski County and Friends of Claytor Lake (FOCL). The purpose of this Committee is to provide input on recommendations related to the Aids to Navigation Management Plan. It was decided during a meeting on September 12, 2012 that it would be prudent to initially install navigational buoys in a test area to determine whether the proposed system would operate as intended and that they could withstand flows, ice conditions, etc. The test area selected is the Little Wytheville area. This area experiences heavy siltation and navigation can be an issue if boaters are not aware of the shallow areas. Attachment 2 provides several aerial views taken of this area on 11/17/2012 (during the recent drawdown) with the water at elevation 1842.7 feet (3.3 feet below full pond elevation.) Also, included is the FOCL Lake Map that shows the shoaling in this area.

Appalachian is proposing to install ten (10) green and four (4) red navigation buoys in this area. “Red, Right, Returning” directs the boater to keep the red markers to their right, or starboard, when traveling towards the upstream direction. The green markers are then kept to the left, or port side. The area between the red and green markers is the defined navigable channel. Attachment 3 shows the location of the proposed buoys and their latitude / longitude coordinates. Once installed, the test buoys will be evaluated by the Technical Review Committee. Future applications for navigation buoys for the remainder of the lake will be submitted to Pulaski County based on this evaluation. If modifications to the system or the overall Aids to Navigation Management Plan are determined to be necessary by the Technical Review Committee or by VDGIF, an amendment to Appalachian’s Aids to Navigation Management Plan will be requested from the Commission.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Sincerely,Teresa P. Rogers Process Supervisor I

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