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Celebrate our 25th Anniversary with us!
2017 Supporters

We want to thank and acknowledge all contributors to the Friends of
Claytor Lake in 2017. It is only with your help that we can succeed in our mission of…
…conserving and protecting the quality, sustainability and tranquility
of the environment of Claytor Lake for all.


Are you on our map? Your Neighbors?

Admiral Level
($5,000 up)


Captain Level
($1,000 – $4,999)

Cole, Bill & Bonnie
Doyle, Cecil & Pat
Ryan, Bill
Surface, Bobby & Lois

Commander Level
($525 – $999)

Gardner, Bill & Debbie
Kelly, Jim & Sharon
Killough, Larry & Irene
Smith, William & Farron

Lieutenant Level
($275 – $524)

Bachmeyer, Rick & Robin
Greever, Bill & Roxanne
Hill, Chuck & Cathy
Howell, Larry & Diane
Hunter, Amy Dr.
Jackson, Jesse
Kulis, Thomas & Kymberlee
Lineberry, Ben & Sarah
Long, Chuck & Cathy
Perdue, Michael & Lisa
Porter, Joe & Ava
Rakes, Ken & Kay
Reynolds, Bill & Donna
Ricketts, Darrel & Kathryn
Simmons, L.T.
Strenz, Bob & Cheri
Truskolaski, Thomas & Laura
Warlick, H.C. & Anne

Ensign Level
($125 – $274)

Agee, Everett & Becky
Bartlet, John & vicki
Bierman, Ron & Victoria
Birch, Jeff & Sandy
Brandau, Scott Dr.
Chrisman, Craig & Anne
Conduff, Howard & Nancy
Conrad, Glen & Mary Ann
Crews, Edward & Sharon Van-Kemp
Crute, John & Martha
Cunningham, Clark & Mary
Dalton, Phil & Cathy
Dobbins, Don & Margarette
Downard, Donald & Lynda
Ellett, Guy & Juanita
Farmer, Michael & Dianne
Freeman, Betty
Graham, Flo
Grant, Herb & Lynne
Gray, Ken & Jan
Harris, Paul & Hilda
Harvey, Brad & Stephanie
Hawley, Jim & Mary
Hill, Scott & Cindy
Johnson, Sidney & Barbara
Louthan, Dick & Fran
Mann, Scott & Becky
Miano, Marc & Sarah Tilson-Miano
Nunnally, Bill & Carol
Ragsdale, Cliff & Kathy
Rapp, Steve & Cheryl Dowdy
Rotanz, Bob & Wendy
Scruggs, Jackie Dr.
Shuler, Jim & Margaret
Simpson, Bill & Betty
Stossner, Jeanne
Sudduth, Michael & Kay
Waldron, J.M. & Ethel
Wirt, Ralph & Martha

Crew Level
($50 – $124)

Alba, Pip & Fran
Budner, Rog
Dean, Richard & Mary
Farmer, John & Hilda
Gearhart, Frank & Gwenn
Hall, Glen Dr.
Hancock, David & Phyllis
Harman, Mendy
Hayes, Charles & Phyllis
Heslep, Roger & Myrteen
Hurlebaus, Bill & Alice
Jackson, Robert & Sandra
Jarrett, Scott
Jones, Ken
Kidd, John & Mary
Lawerence, Larry & Glenda
Layman, Michael
Lester, Melvin & Kathy
Lowry, Jerry & Tammie
Maniscalco, Rebecca
McPeak, Ed & Kathy
Rhodes, David & Tracey
Roche, Patrick & Kathy
Shaffer, Robert Jr. & Lynn
Stone, Preston & Barbara
Street, Elizabeth & Thomas Crigger
Tolley, Pete & Mitzie
Turley, Joseph & Gloria
Turman, Dennis & Irene
Wall, Bill & Dot
Wallace, Jim

If you have been mistakenly left off this list, or if there is a mistake in your listing,
please accept our sincere apologies and email us with the corrections.

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