2014 Claytor Lake Drawdown

AEP, Pulaski County, VDGIF, and FOCL have agreed to a 3 foot drawdown every other year on Claytor Lake.  This year there will be a drawdown and mussel salvage day on Claytor Lake.  The drawdown will begin on Wednesday November 5th, 2014. The lake will be drawn 1 foot per day until it is 3 foot below on Saturday November 8th.  FOCL’s Mussel Salvage will be on Saturday November 8th.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and support our efforts in order to continue the drawdowns every other year.  Claytor Lake will remain drawn until Monday November 17th and will begin to rise 1 foot per day until it is a full pond on Wednesday November 19th.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (540) 395-FOCL or

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2014 Claytor Lake Clean Up

Clean Up Day 2014-36

The 2014 All Lake Clean Up Day on Claytor Lake got kicked off early as people from all over Claytor Lake got together to help rid our beautiful lake of trash from its shoreline and coves.  Organized by FOCL and our sponsors AEP, Pulaski County Board of Supervisors, Virginia Eagle Distributing, Virginia Shoreline, Claytor Lake Watersports, Conrad’s Marina, The Rockhouse Marina, The Waterway Cafe, and The Claytor Lake State Park, the All Lake Clean Up Day hauled in close to 70 bags of trash, 6 tires, 1 flashboard, 5 large pieces of styrofoam, plastic molding, trash cans, chairs, and even a table!

Fueled by FOCL Board Members, Staff and Crew Cheri Strenz, Jackson Beamer, Larry Moore, Ted Bostic, Darryl Sarver, Larry Killough, Jeff Arnold, Larry Bandolin, Mike Hoffman, Buddy Johnston, Laura Bullard, Bill Cunningham, Jeff Caldwell, Jerry Dean, and Dale Gravely and expanding into neighborhoods all over Claytor Lake, our 2014 Clean Up Day was a success and vital to keeping our lake clean.  Ronnie Nichols from Pulaski County was instrumental in providing FOCL with dumpsters located all over Claytor Lake giving anyone helping an easy access to unload their bags and trash.

Other notable volunteers were Janet Johnston, Ann Bullard, Steve Rapp, Jamie Riggins of Virginia Shoreline, and Jerry & Sherry Vaughn.

Neighborhood Captains:
Little Wytheville – Amy Hunter
Blackberry Lane – Jim Kelly
Lake Ridge & Waterfront Farms – Tom Kulis
Bullard Farm – Laura Bullard
Cecil’s Chapel – Larry Bandolin
Clapboard Hollow – Donna Buck
Cabinland & Shadowlands – Virginia Ash
Lakeview – Larry Moore
Claytor lake Estates – Jackson Beamer
Woods-on-the-Lake, Felts Hollow, & Smith Hollow – Cheri Strenz
The Cliffs & Redwood – Judy Nelson
Hidden Valley – Fran Baldwin
Texas Hollow – Sara Metcalfe
Twin Coves – Stu Vaught and Chuck Long
Merry Point – John Johnson and Carolee Bondurant
Lakeway Heights – Gary & Jeanie Jones
Dublin Hollow – Laura Walters  and Tiki Racing Jet Ski Club
Roseberry Hollow – Ryan Jones and Steve Ball
Dunkards Bottom – Darryl Sarver
Lakeland – Bill Cunningham

FOCL’s 2014 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2014-05


The Friends of Claytor Lake, along with our supporters, got together at the Claytor Lake State Park to talk about all the events, projects, and information surrounding the lake in 2014.  Guest Speaker was Lee Wensel of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.  FOCL discussed new events as well as the drawdown schedule for early November of this year. Water Quality, Hydrilla, and especially Sedimentation were of key importance in today’s meeting.

Claytor Lake Festival

Festival 2014-01


The Claytor Lake Festival kicked off another year with a bang as vendors from all over the area came to together at the Claytor Lake State Park.  The Friends of Claytor were there welcoming their donors and new visitors to the event.  Modern and Classic cars, along with Antique Fire Trucks adorned the park as visitors listened to great music from a variety of bands and a show from the Wohlfahrt Haus in Wytheville. The day was capped off by a terrific fireworks show all to benefit Claytor Lake, The Claytor Lake State Park, Pulaski County, and Pulaski County Fine Arts Center.

8th Grade Day at the Lake

8th Grade Day 2014-06


Today The Friends of Claytor Lake took Dublin Middle School 8th Graders out for a spin on the water.  The kids had fun learning about the lake, boater safety, and how long it takes for things people dispose of would take to decompose in the lake showing the importance of keeping our beautiful lake clean.