Winter Retreat

FOCL Winter Retreat 2014-03

Today The Friends of Claytor Lake had its 2 year Winter Retreat to focus on plans for the organization’s future, structural changes, and important issues on the horizon for Claytor Lake.  The event was attended by most of FOCL’s Board of Directors and Bruce Shepherd and Ed Clayton from the BASS Federeation.

2013 Christmas Party

2013 Christmas Party-19

The Friends of Claytor Lake had its annual Christmas Party for Board Members and Partners at MK’s Gourmet Pizzaria. Some special guest include AEP’s Liz Parcell and Frank Simms, as well as Lee and Judy Smith from Pulaski County’s Toys for Tots program.  Bill Cunningham recognized former Board Member Mike Spraker who helped create the organization over 20 years ago.

Aids to Navigation Update

On Saturday, June 22nd, FOCL received a copy of a letter from VDGIF stating they were not in favor of the navigational aids throughout Claytor Lake. The letter read “Considering the narrow channel in which the water markers will be placed, we believe this creates a greater potential for a hazard than the sand bars. We also believe that it is not in the best interest of Boating Safety to approve your request for navigational water makers.”

FOCL would like to thank everyone who weighed in on this subject and took the time to discuss options, concerns, and ideas regarding this plan.

2013 FOCL Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2013-01

Saturday June 22, FOCL’s 2013 Annual Meeting got underway with a beautiful morning at the Claytor Lake State Park. Jackson Beamer, Cheri Strenz, Mike Burchett, Bill Cunningham, and Mike Hoffman were re-elected to the Board of Directors as well as Buddy Johnston, Ted Bostic, and Darryl Sarver were elected as new Board of Director members to FOCL.

Annual Meeting 2013-05Annual Meeting 2013-02Annual Meeting 2013-03

President Laura Walters, Treasurer Bill Cunningham, and Board Member Dean Jackson gave updates on current FOCL projects and finances.  Board Member Cheri Strenz updated everyone on needed emphasis to include more of lake residents in FOCL.  Secretary and Board Member Laura Bullard presided over Board Member elections as well as updated the crown on Drawdown discussions and mussel salvage.

Annual Meeting 2013-04Annual Meeting 2013-06Annual Meeting 2013-07

Board Member & Clean Up Coordinator Dave Dobyns provided everyone with detailed discussions regarding the efforts of our clean up crew in 2013 and also progression with acquiring new equipment and ramping up the program to be competitive with other reservoirs as well as increased efficiency.

Annual Meeting 2013-08

Our Keynote Speaker Executive Director George Santucci from the National Committee for the New River talked about the ongoing efforts to preserve the New River and praised FOCL for their efforts and programs to protect the 21 mile stretch of the New River that is Claytor Lake.  George reiterated Cheri Strenz’ comments that in today’s day and age, finding funding for support of programs has become much harder and that every organization should stay in constant contact with its supporters and community.

Board Decision on Navigational Aids

The FOCL Board of Directors voted tonight to write a letter to VDGIF supporting the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors’ decision to oppose the Aids to Navigation Plan proposed in the Claytor Hydro relicensing project.  Currently the plan, along with the Supervisors’ letter, is being forwarded to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for their review and decision. FOCL Board of Directors letter will be send to DGIF’s Tom Guess, Boating Safety Coordinator, on Wednesday.