The Claytor Lake Kids

Dear Friends of Claytor Lake:

This letter is woefully overdue, but here goes anyway.  Each Memorial Day the Shanklin and Warlick families (co- owners of 6983 Owens Road) host a cocktail party for the neighbors in order to welcome everyone back to the lake for the summer.  I cannot remember how long we have hosted this party, but it has gone on for a number of years.  Memorial Day 2016, however, was different!

Whole families in our neighborhood are invited to the party.  Folks are asked to bring an appetizer if they so desire; the hosts furnish the libations.  Memorial Day 2016 included a number of youngsters.  Without the knowledge of any of the adults, the children during the afternoon decided to set up a company with a store, selling items they had made during the day in preparation for the party.  These items included brightly painted rocks, decorated bits of driftwood, and similar goodies.  They set up a store on the way to the patio where the main party was taking place.  When we discovered that they were “shaking down” the adult guests for purchases, we were not too pleased, but since the kids had worked so hard to set it up, we did not interfere. 

They set up their own company with president, vice president for sales, vice president for manufacturing, vice president for publicity, etc.  It was quite an organization and was named “Claytor Lake Kids.”  When the party was over and the “stock” almost depleted, the company treasurer counted up the profit.  After giving each member of the company one dollar for their hard work, they made a profit of $56.30 for The Friends of Claytor Lake.  It was a corporate decision of the kids about the destination of the profits.  A check in that amount is enclosed as their contribution.

It looks as if we have future Friends of Claytor Lake in the pipeline.  The company may or may not continue, but the kids have fun memories of a worthwhile activity.

Best regards,

H. Conrad Warlick