Clean Up Preperations

Just to provide some perspective, most don’t realize what all goes into our clean up program and what toll it takes on our equipment each and every year. The tons of debris that is removed comes at a premium in wear and tear of the Clean Up equipment. During the season and after requires constant maintenance and repairs to insure we are ready for the next season. As you can imaging, these repairs are a large factor in contributing to our clean up program’s cost of operation.

As vital our clean up program is to keeping Claytor Lake beautiful and hazard free, FOCL relies heavily on your support throughout each year. Without the support of the lake community, we would face a number of more challenges with our program. Especially now that FOCL has expanded to the entire lake, not just below Lowman’s Ferry Bridge. The ability to cover the upper lake will hopefully decrease debris in high impact areas below the bridge.

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