Florence resets Clean Up

It almost never fails. The Friends of Claytor Lake clean up crew work diligently all season to keep Claytor a beautiful and safe lake to enjoy. The work is pain staking and long with our crew trying to cover as much of the lake as possible. Like almost every year, just when we have started work in more remote areas, a high flow event hits the reset button on our clean up program.

Hurricane Florence dumped enough water into the head waters of the New River in North Carolina and throughout Southwest Virginia to bring the New River to levels we haven’t seen since the floods of 2013. Appalachian Power drew down the lake to around 6 feet in preparation for Florence’s arrival and is now close to a foot over full pond.

The New River saw flow rates just shy of 70,000 cubic feet per second, sending along with it a deluge of debris that pushes the RESET button on our clean up efforts. Flows like this easily can tear away docks and boats from property and send tons of debris into Claytor Lake. Trees, Buildings, and more come flowing down capable of causing major damage to other property and serious safety concerns to those venturing out on the water.

FOCL’s Clean Up Program is one of the most vital assets for Claytor Lake and homeowners for times like this. With an annual operating cost close to $200,000, it is why FOCL works to get all homeowners involved in our organization. We are inclredibly thankful to our supporters American Electric Power, Pulaski County, and the small percentage of homeowners who value our contributions to Claytor Lake.

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