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  • The FOCL Legacy Fund

     Admiral Level – $5,000+

    H.P & Anne S. Hunnicutt Foundation

     Captain Level 

    Harvey, George & Lisa- Surface, Bobby & Lois- Siler, George & Donna- Woodhouse, Jamie & Susan- Stevenson, Dave & Joan- Peel, Margaret- Arnold, Jeff & Walters, Laura- Doyle, Cecil & Pat- Lakeview Association- Harvey, Steve- Conrad Brother’s Marine

     Commander Level 

    Brewster, Todd & Leigh Anne- Franz, Jeanine- Nash, James- Woodhouse, Jamie & Susan- Covey’s Family Campground- Becker, Bob & Gail- Obenchain, Scott & Lisa- Stelio & Betty Tracy Corte Charitable Foundation- Mountain 2 Island at Rock House Marina- Valach, Michael & Sharon- Bolton, Danny

     Lieutenant Level 

    Sesco, William, Warlick, John- Blaine, Bill & Dabney (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- Jackson, Anita & Jesse- Chrisman, Craig & Anne- Garrett, Johnny Claytor Lake Watersports- Sutherland, Curtis & Faye- Dobbins, Holly & Tyler- Johnson, John & Betty- Veneri, Tony & Becky- King, Donald- Truett, Delores & Edward- VanDyke, TJ

     Ensign Level 

    St. John, Fred, Stielau, William- Bowman, Charles & Amy- Martin, Robert- Rapp, Steve- Beamer, Jackson- Mitchell, Donna- Rotanz, Bob (In memory of Leigh Walker) Powell, Nick & Cathy (In Memory of Leigh Walker) Greever, Bill- The Carpers- Jackson, George- Clemens, David-Pettit, Mary-McGuire, Amy & Daniel- Krupa, Kenneth- Jr, Warner Everett- Wilcox, Janice- Garrett, Brian & Natalee- Veneri, Lynn & Pat- Brookman, Scott & Teresa- Puckett, Daniel- Rotanz, Bob & Wendy

    Crew Level

    Kincaid, Peggy & Robert- Bondurant, Carolee- Mattern, Deborah (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- Stevens, Anne (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- Joiners Jen & Dan (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- Wheeler, William * Margaret (In Memory of Leigh Walker) Jackson, Jesse & Anita (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- Brewster, Ed & Margaret-Bell, Barbara & George (In Memory of Leigh Walker) Parrott, Anne (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- Hoback, Andy & Nancy (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- Brookman, David & Susan- Kessler, Abbie- Helmick, Mary- Frye, John & Jerrie (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- Carroll, Josh & Jen- Cowie Jr. Paul & Lisa (In Memory of Leigh Walker)- NRV Leading Lights- Kuchen, Elizabeth- Hagan, Lee- Turner, Leona, Nappier, Thomas- Stephens, Lee- Phlegar, Karen- Reau, Jack & Anne- Birthday Donation to Martha Harvey! -Miller, Hubert- Duncan, Reggie & Kathy- Powell, Donna (In Memory of Leigh Walker) McGraw, Jack- Hess, Leigh & Richard- Jarrett, Scott & Marie- Hall, Dale & Tammie- Kienzle, Steven- Hurlebaus, Bill & Alice- Kersteter, Michael & Patsy- Spangler, Tom & Phyllis- Warden, Tom & Vickie- Slusher, Nikki- Bryant, Judy- Akers, Tony- Spangler, Tom- Pata, Emilie- Dr. Gray, Kenneth- Blankenship, Ella Jean- Curl, Nancy- Groesbeck, Rick- Vaught, Stu- Kirk, Stephanie & Keith- Conner, Rodney- Cornelius, Robert- Diguilian, Mona- Travis, John- Schrader, John- Layman, Michael

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