2014 Christmas Dinner

Claytor Lake

Tonight The Friends of Claytor Lake had their annual Board Christmas Party at Mk’s Gourmet Pizzeria in Dublin. FOCL celebrated another great year of work, programs, and efforts to help Claytor Lake and the people who enjoy it.  This year FOCL had the popular “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Theme and had some outstanding sweaters. FOCL was also joined by Mr. & Mrs. Smith which organizes the Pulaski County Toys for Tots program helping over 700 needy kids in Pulaski County.  The Friends of Claytor Lake appreciates all the support from the community of Claytor Lake.  If you would like to donate to FOCL this year, please visit the donate page.

Non-Profit of the Year!

This year the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce awarded its first Non-Profit Award for outstanding work in the community at The Draper Mercantile. This year The Friends of Claytor Lake were the fortunate beneficiaries of the first ever Non-Profit Award.  The Friends of Claytor Lake are very fortunate to have such wonderful area to work in with Pulaski County and all our connections to the community in helping keep Claytor Lake such a wonderful place to visit and live. President Laura Walters graciously accepted the award on behalf of our entire organization and our hundreds of supporter and businesses that help FOCL each and every year.

2014 Drawdown Cancelled!

cosealThe Pulaski County Public Service Authority and the Pulaski County staff have reluctantly asked Appalachian Power Company to delay the anticipated November 2014 drawdown to November of 2015.  There has been a significant increase in silt deposited adjacent to the PSA water intake in the past year.  Short-term dredging and a long-term redesign of the intake have been initiated but there are too many factors outside the control of the PSA staff to risk the chance of a significant interruption of water service to  residents and businesses.  Logistical and regulatory difficulties prevented implementation of dredging operations prior to the drawdown and it was not possible to delay the drawdown due to likely deterioration in weather conditions as we move into December.  As a result, the PSA was at significant risk of an extended loss of water to approximately half of the PSA’s water customers including several major industrial employers.  Efforts to address siltation issues will continue in anticipation of possible winter storms and preparation for a three-foot drawdown in the early November 2015.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (540) 395-FOCL or info@focl.org

If you don’t think Siltation is a problem….

Reed Creek Silt

Then get a load at the silt pouring out of Big Reed Creek just north of the Allisonia Rapids.  This is on normal day where a mild storm rolled through the area the night before.  Siltation is one of the biggest problems facing Claytor Lake, its residents, and its habitat.  FOCL’s Environmental Committee is working hard to address this problem and develop strategies to minimize its impact on Claytor Lake.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Training Tonight


The Coast Guard Auxiliary will be performing a training exercise tonight on Claytor Lake from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  

The use of signal flares and flare guns will be used.  


Please do not be alarmed or contact your local authorities. If you have any questions, you can contact the Coast Guard Auxiliary at: 757-375-1835